October 4, 2022


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Colombian police officers arrive in Haiti to investigate the massacre – Brenza Latin

Secretary of State for Communications Frands Exondes noted that the agents are part of a special unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the South American Police Force.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph has confirmed the cooperation of the Colombian government in the investigation into the murder, with 26 of its citizens allegedly involved in the crime.

So far, Haitian authorities have arrested 18 of them, five are still on the run, and three have died in clashes with the forces.

Director of Police Leon Charles said the order was made up of 28 people, and pointed out that two were Americans of Haitian descent.

The government elaborates that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), other than Colombians, should participate in investigations.

Moss was killed with at least 12 shots at his home in Passionville, Bellar Mountain, and his wife Martin Etienne was seriously injured in the attack.

‘The president’s office and bedroom were looted. We saw him on his back, in blue pants, a blood-stained white shirt, with his mouth open and his left eye pierced, ‘he told a Justice of the Peace newspaper.

The Port-au-Prince’s attorney’s office has issued requests to interview those responsible for the president’s security, including those injured during the attack, as well as several politicians and businessmen.

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