August 8, 2022

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Confirman pertenencia a iglesia de Haiti de containeres con armas

Puerto Príncipe, July 14 (Prensa Latina) The fiscal of this capital, Jacques Lafontant, confirmed today that the containers confiscated in the Aduana for transporting arms and ammunition were destined to the Episcopal Church of Haiti.

El comisario made a search in which they seized twenty automatic weapons, more than 20 thousand ammunitions and hundreds of chargers.

The official confirmed in a press conference that the cargo pertene a la Iglesia Episcopal de Haiti pues the person in charge of receiving the container, Gina Rolls, normally represents the religious institution ante la Aduana.

Contra Rolls issued a search warrant and issued a prohibition on leaving the country, while at least one person was detained.

Lafontant aseguró que mañana jueves registrarán otros depósitos suspechosos y denunció que el tráfico de armas hizo sufrir a túmátimas personas.

Por su parte, the Episcopal Church denied this Thursday that it was involved in arms trafficking, clarifying that they do not have container orders, nor have they made any arrangements for their retirement from the port of the capital, nor do they expect the delivery of products from abroad. .

En un comunicado the institution recorded that only the diocesan bishop and in his absence the president of the permanent committee, están autorizado para una exención de impuestos, y estos no lo solicitaron por el momento.

Si los individuos se presentan en las aduanas para recoger contenadores en nombre de la Iglesia Episcopal, solo pueden ser documentos falsos utilizados por redes criminales, aficaron.

In the last two weeks, the authorities seized another shipment of weapons and ammunition in Port de Paix, in the northern part of the country, and arrested an individual in the same city who was transporting 25,000 cartridges in a public bus.

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Todo ello ocurre cuando escalaron los enfrentamientos entre pandillas al norte de la capital que dejaron 89 fellecidos, 16 desaparecidos y 74 injuridos, según un informe de la Red Nacional en Defensa de los Derechos Humanos.