September 29, 2022

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Conflict Ukraine and Russia, direct

Despite this analysis, Guleba acknowledges that the risks are high because of the significant Russian military presence on the border, while the United States does not “oppose” negotiations with Russia.

The death toll has risen to 650 in the past day, and the massive positives among children living in Moscow are particularly worrying as new health restrictions are announced.

After Oleg called on the Russians to go out and protest against Putin, the federal police ordered Alexei’s brother not to leave the house between 10 pm and 6 am, to appear at public events or to escape from Moscow.

“Considering the divisions in the government, I think he should be the head of government, holding the bull by the horns and addressing the Spaniards in Congress,” Almeida demanded.

This was confirmed by British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss this morning: “We will introduce new legislation to tighten our sanctions so that we can target more companies and individuals in Russia,” he announced.

The executive, led by Volodymyr Zhelensky, assured its citizens that it was ready for “any event” that might occur these days and recalled the arrival of weapons and supplies from the United States.

In particular, the Russian currency lost one-tenth of its value to 79.02 against the dollar, confirming the fears of many investors about the volatile military increase in the Moscow economy.

The ship is essential for delivering gas to the region, which is separated from the Russian mainland and surrounded by Poland and Lithuania, and is currently approaching 163,800 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas.

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Sella’s role is primarily for search and rescue operations, and will join the Spanish warships Meteoro and Blas de Lezo.

Acknowledging his involvement in four-way talks with Russia, Germany and France, Yermak said on Wednesday that “direct talks with separatists have taken place and will not happen.”

According to US employers with leading companies such as Chevron and General Electric, some products are better off escaping the use of future restrictions.

Putin is already accepting a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macro, while German Chancellor Olaf Scholes continues to demand dialogue and recalls the “highest consequences” of Russian military action in Ukraine.

Although talks between the country led by Vladimir Putin and the US-led organization are not currently closed, talks between the two sides are ongoing.

“We are watching the strengthening moves of the Russian military with great care and serious concern,” Kishida told the National Assembly, from where he pledged to “cooperate with the international community.”

Biden did not hesitate to drop the ball on the pitch of his Russian teammate Vladimir Putin, saying that “everything depends on his decision” and that he takes into account the “significant” penalties he faces if attacked. Ukraine

The maneuvers have already been announced by the Kremlin, encrypting an increasing number of military exercises in recent days on 30 warships, 20 aircraft and 1,200 troops.

As Spanish military sources explained to La Vanguardia, the movements of the soldiers were not unexpected, although it was true that they were mobilized with all possible capabilities and before planned.

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According to Alberza, the conditions proposed by Russian diplomats to alleviate the situation are “unacceptable”, but the most important thing is to avoid the “massive cost” of military operations and seek “prevention” to avoid it.

The date of the meeting between Putin and Macron is unknown, but their meeting could change the tense situation with Ukraine.

“We have no intention of stationing US or NATO forces in Ukraine,” Biden said in a statement of intent, which could partially extinguish the currently controlled fire in Eastern Europe.

“Troops are being provided by Spain as a NATO partner, and as a result of Spain’s participation in this organization a serious and reliable ally is no different than anything that has not been done for many years,” the defense minister explained. Margarita oak trees

“If it increases, Croatia will withdraw every last soldier. This has nothing to do with us or we will not. I guarantee it, ”said Croatian President Joran Milanovic

“If diplomacy fails, we will do everything we can to implement it. We have made great strides in preparing responses for a possible Russian occupation. This will be a swift, decisive and concerted action,” warned Joseph Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy.

These volunteers have decided to become reservists and are preparing to operate in a war environment or defend cities in the event of an attack.

The Russian military reports that air force teams from the southern military base and the Black Sea Navy are moving to operational airports and rehearsing missile strikes “at great distances.”

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The whole world is constantly waiting to see what will happen in the next few hours, which will be decisive in determining the purpose of the 100,000 Russian troops stationed on the western border of the Federation.