September 25, 2022

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Congolese people follow warnings after volcanic eruption – Brenza Latin

Nyragongo, one of the most active craters in the Great Lakes region of Africa, launched volcanic eruptions last Saturday, after which experts have reported more than a hundred earthquakes of varying magnitude.

This Wednesday, the news portal Actualité.cd said that despite warnings, residents in those areas were returning to their homes without government permission.

National Vice President Elvis Muttier, quoted in the release, called on people not to walk on the volcanic field or return to the more dangerous environments known as the Red Zones.

The Member of Parliament called on the families of the victims to expedite emergency assistance and improve the resources in the hands of the Coma Volcano Laboratory (OVG) and the Civil Defense Service.

Following the eruption of the volcano on May 22, OVG seeks to revitalize its observatories throughout the Coma and Nyaragong region by loading new equipment.

According to the company’s scientific director Celestine Kasereka Mahinda, the two units are already working properly, while they are completing the testing phase of the equipment at other facilities.

At least two significant quakes were reported yesterday, with four buildings collapsing and many injured, local newspapers reported.

Thirty people have been identified as dead in the unexpected eruption of Nyaragongo, whose activity caused damage in cities in neighboring Rwanda as well.

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