October 6, 2022


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Congress is defining whether to give a vote of confidence to Pedro Castillo’s cabinet

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The Peruvian Congress, controlled by the right-wing opposition, will resume a polarized debate this Friday to decide whether to give a vote of confidence to the cabinet of this left-wing president, Pedro Castillo.

With RFI correspondent Carlos Noriega in Lima

This Friday, the debate on the vote of confidence in the first cabinet of the left-wing government of Pedro Castillo, who took office a month ago, resumes in Congress. The parliamentary debate was adjourned after the marathon day on Thursday night.

This is the first time this has happened since the beginning of a government, when a single committee of 130 members refused to trust the Congress cabinet.

During Thursday’s debate, the biggest criticisms of the cabinet came from Fujimori and two far-right groups who voted against the question of confidence. They received a total of 43 votes. The ruling party has 42 votes.

The four benches going from the center to the right will have votes that give a balance to one side or the other. In their speeches, several legislators from these groups criticized the cabinet, but it was unclear what their vote would be.

Reconciliation adviser, cabinet chief Guido Bellido, said the government wanted to build bridges with the opposition-controlled Congress. His message focused on the need for change and public policy in favor of the excluded.

“Our immediate objectives are to defeat the epidemic created by Govt-19 and reactivate our economy,” Belido said, appearing before Congress along with 18 other members of the cabinet.

Festido did not mention Castillo’s main election promise, calling for a Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution, which his opponents opposed.

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The right-wing opposition is urging the government to further change ministers from the left. The Fujimori leadership has a serious right to go further and plot to overthrow the president. They are seeking to overthrow the cabinet as a step in that destructive plan.