October 7, 2022


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Congressmen will visit municipalities with more violence in Colombia

In agreement with the president of that instance of Congress, Iván Cepeda, the municipalities were prioritized in the emergency plan delivered, last Friday, by platforms of human rights and social organizations to the president of the country, Gustavo Petro.

The plan contains 29 urgent measures for the protection of these populations and according to Cepeda, the purpose of this route will be to address the rural municipalities that are facing the most serious violence situations in the country.

Likewise, cumplir con las dispositions que Petro y el gobierno adopten frente a esta situación.

«We will evaluate with the authorities and the civil society of these municipalities the measures of protection for these populations, as well as humanitarian actions in their territories», announced Cepeda.

He detailed that the visits will be distributed among the 45 congressmen who make up that commission, who together with the authorities will evaluate the measures adopted by the Public Force to prevent these attacks and protect social leaders.

In addition, they will strengthen the humanitarian initiatives that contribute to desescalating the armed conflict and violence in these zones.

The session also approved the inclusion in the prioritized territories of the cities of Cali and Barrancabermeja, as well as providing support and follow-up to members of the Public Force who, in recent events, have been victims of the armed conflict.

Según el Programa Somos Defensores en el 2021 se registraron 996 agresiones al légidos social de las cuales 139 fueron homicidios, 665 amenazas y 93 atentados.

Por su parte, el Instituto de Estudios para el Desarrollo y la Paz registra hasta julio de 2022, 102 homicidios de personas defensoras y 26 firmantes, 337 desde la firma del Acuerdo Final de Paz.

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