September 30, 2022

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Corona virus live in Spain today: end of third dose and restrictions | At the last minute

The United States has imposed mandatory vaccinations on companies with more than 100 employees and health workers

U.S. President Joe Biden announced new requirements in the workplace this Thursday, among other things. Workers in companies with more than 100 employees and in the health sector are vaccinated, Something that affects “Two-thirds of American workers” Before January 4th.

“The choice is easy,” the president explained in a statement issued this Thursday. “Immunize more people or prolong the outbreak”, Given that “The virus does not go away automatically” And vaccination is “the best way out of this infection.”

Biden confirmed it “I wished there was no need for duty”, Regretted that “More people are not vaccinated”Therefore, following the success of these requirements so far, in the words of the President, the Department of Labor and Health has imposed further measures.

Specific, “Companies with 100 or more employees need the Govit-19 vaccine”, And this Immunized workers, They will have to carry Weekly corona tests, “No one should be at risk when seeking medical attention”, so health workers should also be vaccinated.

These new requirements It affects about 100 million Americans, Biden explained, because the mandatory vaccine is “good for the economy” and “not only increases vaccination rates, but also helps people get back to work.”

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