January 20, 2021

Corona virus vaccine tracker: How many people have been vaccinated?

TORONTO – Nine months after the World Health Organization declared the novel Corona virus novel a global pandemic, the first COVID-19 vaccines were injected into Canadians’ hands on December 14, 2020.

Canada is safe then More than 400 million vaccine doses Two COVID-19 vaccines currently approved in the country – including 60 million from several manufacturers, including Pfizer and Moderna.

The milestone vaccination initiative will initially focus on Canadians who have been severely affected by the virus, such as staff and long-term care residents and leading health workers, but governments plan to expand vaccine distribution.

As the country enters this new phase of the current fight against COVID-19, CTVNews.ca monitors daily and overall vaccine levels administered throughout Canada by reviewing data from public health units.

The dose of vaccines is administered in Canada

Vaccination doses are administered by province or region

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This page also breaks down the number of vaccines in each province and region, including a comprehensive history of each region, including links to government data and the number of doses assigned to each province. The interactive map also outlines the number of COVID-19 doses administered as a percentage of the country’s population. This map will be updated on a daily basis as public health organizations publish their numbers.

CTVNews.ca calculates vaccine numbers nationwide based on reports from public health organizations. This map will be updated as agencies publish their numbers.

How the scenes managed so many people in the world

Interactive chart below Our world in data Describes the number of COVID-19 doses administered per 100 people in other countries, compared to where Canada lands.

This map Our world in data A single dose shows the total number of vaccine doses administered in countries around the world. The chart does not measure the number of people vaccinated, which usually requires two doses.

For more information on corona virus vaccine candidates approved or available for use in Canada, see our Vaccine Monitor.

CTVNews.ca lists each COVID-19 case confirmed in Canada and the active, recovered and dead cases for each province and territory.

Similarly, CTVNews.ca compares maps and the progress of cases outside Canada with curves in other countries, as well as the context and timeline for a few key countries.

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