September 29, 2022

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Corruption in Romania: The Prime Minister is accused of stealing his doctoral dissertation

Reserve General Nicolae Cuca was elected Prime Minister of Romania on November 25 and was the head of a grand coalition government between his National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolas Siouca was accused on Tuesday of stealing his doctoral dissertation.Carol I became a military science doctor in 2003 at the National Defense University.

Inquiry published by the Romanian Portal Press one Reserve shows that Nicole includes the General’s dissertation in Chiuka Of the total 138 pages, at least 42 pages contain plagiarized content. What else, At least 19 pages of content were stolen from two doctoral dissertations previously preserved at the same institution, one of which was compiled by the Roman Prime Minister.

According to the mission Press one, With a few exceptions, detected pirated parts were copied from print sources and therefore not detected by anti-piracy software. The analysis revealed four “classic” theft-concealment techniques used in Chyuka’s study, in addition to word-for-word copying.

Looking at this information, Ciuca asked Carroll I University to review his doctoral dissertation entitled ‘The Role of the Romanian Army in Joint Multinational Operations’. According to the Romanian News Agency, the University Ethics Commission has already begun procedures to verify compliance with university standards and standards. Agerpress.

In a statement, Suu Kyi, who became prime minister on November 25, 2021, confirmed her doctoral dissertation. “It was made in accordance with the legal requirements of the time.”

Photo by Romania's Conservative Prime Minister Nicole Chiuka
Photo by Romania’s Conservative Prime Minister Nicole Chiuka

Dacian Ciolos, leader of the opposition and leader of the centrist USR PLUS, called on the head of government to “immediately clarify” if the pages of the text of the text were stolen and to resign if the allegations were true.

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Last December 14 Chiuka forced Florin Roman, his party colleague at the time, to resign.

(With information from EuropaPress and EFE)

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