October 6, 2022


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Costa Rica – Brenza This campaign promotes condemnation of sexual harassment in Latina

The campaign, because your protection is a right, suggests that if you live in a situation of sexual harassment: it is necessary to hold the violent person accountable to stop this situation.

Marcela Guerrero, executive president of the National Institute of Women (INAMU), confirmed that with the approval of the Street Sexual Harassment Act, there are tools to stop and punish the production of women visualization, harassment, corner and audiovisual products. Approval

He added that the law recognizes that sexual practices are a crime and restricts the right of women to go to all public places freely and safely, and reaffirms that public places are ours.

Since coming into force, courts have imposed fines of at least 11 subjects ranging from six months to three years.

A third national survey of women’s human rights conducted by Inamu in 2017 found that 63 percent of those interviewed acknowledged that the street is one of the most abusive areas for women.

In addition, about 97 percent of people interviewed said they agreed to punish touching women in traffic and in public.

According to its promoters, Movámonos Seguras seeks to know that all people have the right to travel safely and publicly, without sexual harassment, while establishing legislation to prevent and punish the expression of violence and discrimination.

For his part, Klaus Cruise, director of the German Cooperative-GIZs Mitransport project, said he was working with government agencies and civil society to promote measures that promote safe and equal conditions for all people. To the situation of women.

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