September 30, 2022

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Costa Rica Earthshot Wins Environmental Award (+ Photos) – Prinza Latina

With the unveiling of the award, Costa Presidential promised to recognize the Costa Rican Conservation Model, which has allowed much of its biodiversity in protected wildlife areas and payments for environmental services.

For this distinction, Costa Rica was recommended by the United Nations Development Program, citing official information, highlighting that there are 10 types of security zones in the country. Natural resources in rural areas.

He pointed out that Costa Rica’s conservation efforts were able to prevent deforestation in the early decades of the 1980s, and began the recovery process until a forest reached 52.4 percent by 2020.

Similarly, the scheme of paying environmental services to communities and forest and forest plantation owners began in 1997 and includes government financial recognition for environmental services that directly affect the protection and development of the environment. . ‘

Commenting on the award, President Carlos Alvarado announced the use of one million pounds (over $ 1.3 million) to reflect at sea on the conservation model successfully implemented in Costa Rica’s ecosystems.

“The country has once again proved today that we are pioneers in successfully developing safety models on the ground, thanks to which we are the winners of the Earthshot Prize initiative,” the President said.

He argued that the country must be diligent and act now to deal with the effects of climate change or the consequences will not be reversed.

Minister of Environment and Energy Andrea Mesa pointed out that this award is an opportunity to strengthen the security of our national treasure island of Cocos and the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

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