October 6, 2022


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Costa Rica will have a biometric passport in 2022 – Prinza Latina

This passport puts us at the pinnacle of the latest global movement trends. It prevents duplication and change, making it a highly secure document because it is high technology, ‘said Vargas, in a statement from the Directorate General of Migration and Immigration (DGME) issued by the Gaza Presidency.

He noted that the biometric technology will also be available for refugee and foreigners ‘safe conduct and travel documents, carriers’ exit and entry clearances and neighborhood accreditations for border residents.

To design the pages of the passport, DGM had the support of the team of the Essential Costa Rica brand, responsible for the development of displays showing the various distinctive features of this country, meeting all security guidelines and arrangements of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

According to DGME, the biometric passport should start in the first quarter of 2022, but current documents will continue until the last day of validity, so no renewal before the expiration date is required.

During the annual P2B forum meeting of Essential Costa Rica, Pedro Beirut, Chairman of the Country Brand Committee, pointed out that this is a complex and challenging project because its design promotes the country in an integrated way and we are very proud of the result. .

“The essence of Costa Rica is enriched on every page of the passport,” Beirut said.

For his part, Vice-Chancellor Adriana Polonos said the advantages at the diplomatic level, in line with developed countries, are in line with Costa Rica’s international standards.

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