September 25, 2022

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Countries that have already confirmed cases of omigran, a variant of the corona virus, are of great concern

The New Variation A corona virus called Omigron It has already spread in Europe since the first cases were confirmed. Infections are on the rise and are already being ordered by many countries New activities.

This is the case Belgium. Where is Suspension of Christmas markets In order to prevent the increase of infections. Micron has once again restricted social activities just a few weeks before Christmas.

France has not rejected the new restrictions

The French health minister mentions that it was a few hours ago The first cases appear Corona virus with new variant. New data is pending and this variant will be considered “dangerous”.

The new restrictions were not rejected Due to the increase in cases in the middle of the fifth wave in the French country. Boundary controls are already in place. In addition, anyone with a positive association with this variant should isolate themselves after vaccination.

The UK is taking further action

Enter the United Kingdom New activities. The Minister of Health points out that these are measures to buy time to better determine the risk posed by the new variant of COVID-19.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government. The UK imposes again Masks on campus and on public transportation In addition to a requirement PCR for passengers Coming from abroad.

The United Kingdom confirmed the first two events of the new variant and related to the trip to South Africa.

Three cases in Germany

Germany confirms Three cases of Omigron variant. They were confirmed by PCR after landing at Munich Airport on a flight from South Africa. The ministry invited everyone who traveled on the same plane.

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We need these three people Perform PCR testing before leaving the isolation.

13 cases in the Netherlands

Netherlands Of the 61 passengers who tested positive, 13 cases were confirmed After landing at Amsterdam Airport on two flights from South Africa. The Public Health Institute (RIVM) is analyzing samples collected from 61 of the 624 passengers who arrived Friday from Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Dutch authorities Try to find approximately 5,000 passengers Came last week from Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe or South Africa.

Denmark confirms the cases

Denmark has confirmed The first two cases. It’s about two passengers From South Africa. The two have been isolated and authorities are beginning to find close contacts.

Travelers from South Africa and six other countries in the region now require a negative corona virus test for the country.

Italy confirms Omigron cases

Italy has confirmed Passenger who tested positive for the Govit-19 Omigron type Of the 133 who arrived in Rome on a plane. The positive case was in Mozambique.

The Italian Institute of Higher Health (ISS) is subjecting this person’s test to a new confirmation.

Australia confirms two cases

Australia has confirmed The first two cases The positive test was performed after examining the virus sequence of two passengers from Omigron, South Africa.

Both passengers, Complete schedule and asymptomatic vaccination, Arrived in Sydney on a flight from Doha. Both have been Sent to Isolation Center.