October 4, 2022


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Covit-19 – Cuba follows measures to tropical storm in the middle of Brenza Latin

Leading officials in the Caribbean nation have pointed to the renewal and implementation of all disaster risk reduction plans, with special emphasis on the evacuation area to avoid large concentrations and crowds among epidemics.

According to forecasts from the island’s meteorological agency, the event could begin to be felt in the eastern part of the country from early Saturday night and early Sunday morning, and heavy rain is expected as part of its progress through the national landscape.

All of this is happening as the incidence rates of Govt-19 increase in all provinces over the past 15 days, and the mandate of the social outbreak phase is forcing the use of more stringent regulations to prevent infections.

In the midst of this situation, Prime Minister Manuel Murro ordered the preparation of the National Electroenergetic System to provide the greatest vitality to the basic centers of the economy and services, especially to health facilities associated with the conflict with epidemics.

He stressed that in addition to providing fuel reserves, troops must be prepared to deal with power and water supply failures.

In the face of the potential impact of the tropical storm, companies began to protect material resources, clean ditches and sewers, and followed other common measures provided at these events.

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