October 6, 2022


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Covit-19 – Guatemala with 85% red by Brenza Latina

Of the 340 municipalities, there are currently 289 high alerts (85 percent and 26 more), 32 high alert (orange) and 19 medium alert (yellow), depending on the behavior of the disease from August 6 to 20. .

As for the Guatemalan sector, only the frigens are orange, while the other 16 municipalities ensure a higher percentage of positivity nationally.

Other locations in red include Antigua Guatemala, Socotepix; Tecpan, Chimaltenango; San Vicente Pasaya, Esquintla; Toxisco, Santa Rosa; San Pedro La Laguna, Solole; Colomba, Quetzaltenango; Badulul, Sucitepax; Rett Hule; Malacca and San Marcos, mostly tourist destinations with national and foreign visitors.

In a statement, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (Mspas) reiterated the need for citizens to adhere to life-saving protocols to mitigate Govt-19, with between 4,000 and 5,000 daily cases and peaks of 5,000 to 5,800, challenging the public health system.

Last weekend, the government issued a general disaster and night curfew (which takes place at dawn) in an attempt to reduce overcrowding not only in the capital but also in the countryside, but also raised criticism from March last year over the handling of epidemics and resources.

The previous day, the executive had not received the vote of confidence asked in Congress to approve the move because it had not reached the support needed to pass the national emergency and had only reached the first reading due to the lack of a quorum. Sessions were convened.

Nevertheless, the government insists that it be implemented and convenes a meeting of the Committee of Ministers in the next few hours to announce a decision on the matter.

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In the wake of President Alejandro Giamate’s health and political crisis – he has faced strikes and demonstrations since last July – the Mspas Covit-19 anti-vaccine program is accelerating amid questions about its slow defense, now covering 25 – year – old Guatemala

According to the most recent report, three million 365 thousand 762 people have already been vaccinated, of whom two million 906 thousand 652 with the first dose, but only 729 thousand 110 completed the program.

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