July 2, 2022


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Covit-19: Last minute of corona virus in Spain, live | The epidemic is close to six million infections and has surpassed 89,000 deaths Community

France strengthens pre-Omigran measures, but maintains a return to school without a curfew

The Covid passport will soon become a vaccine passport in France. The government of Emmanuel Macron submitted the bill on Monday, thus certifying the need to enter closed public spaces, including bars and restaurants, as it is summer time, instead of the Corona virus vaccination schedule being sufficient to prove that it is still adequate. , Alternatively have a negative test. At the same time, he announced his intention to reconsider the conditions for isolating communication cases, as the Kovid Science Council warned last week – to prevent the country from being paralyzed – or “disrupted”. At a time when France has already surpassed the ban of 100,000 daily infections, annual vacations due to the proliferation of cases due to the Omigron variant. However, the new isolation periods will not be known until the weekend, Prime Minister Jean Costex explained, and announced that the administration of the booster vaccine has improved three months since the last dose. Although the government did not enforce the curfew on New Year’s Day, the government has announced some new restrictions for the next few weeks. Thus, indoor events can only have a maximum of 2,000 people, which can increase to 5,000 outside. Standing concerts are prohibited, as are drinks or food on public transportation, including theaters, theaters and long distances. The ban on getting up and eating in bars and restaurants is also being withdrawn and the mask is mandatory in city centers where there are frequent crowds. After the holidays, in January, Delivery will be mandatory for all paid people – as much as possible – at least three days a week and “preferably four”, however, Costex announced, announcing that it will be kept for returning to school. All school students on January 3 as planned. Reports Sylvia Ayuso.

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Madrid doubled infections last Monday and increases health stress

All epidemiological indicators are on the rise in Madrid next week for Christmas because the number of COVID-19 infections is more than double what was reported last Monday, while yesterday 12 patients died in hospitals and increased maintenance pressure on both wards and wards. There are 6,189 new cases reported this Monday (compared to 2,645 last Monday) in the daily epidemiological report of the Madrid community in the ICU, of which 5,440 have been diagnosed in the last 24 hours. The combined effect of the weekend and Christmas festivities indicates a decrease in the diagnostic rate compared to last week, because from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd, the four days with the most positive cases in Madrid followed each other. The epidemic began: 65,899 infections were reported in those days alone, rising to 18,330 on Thursday 23rd. (Efe)

The UK will not impose new restrictions by the end of this year

British Health Minister Sajid Javid announced on Monday that his government would not impose additional restrictions on the UK by the end of this year, as self-employed executives in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have done. There were 98,515 cases of corona virus in the UK in 24 hours on Monday, while the highest number of infections were detected on Christmas Day, with 113,628 cases detected, the government said today. Statistics on the spread of the virus across the country have not been updated during the holidays and will provide a complete picture of the situation on Wednesday, the first working day after Christmas. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a working meeting with his top medical and scientific advisers today and has postponed the decision on whether to impose further restrictions. (Eph)

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The event has over 800 cases in Portugal

The 14-day incidence of the corona virus in Portugal this Monday rose to 800 cases per 100,000 people, with Omigran already the dominant variant in the country. According to the Directorate of Public Health (DGS) bulletin, this event is in 804.3 cases, up from 630 cases last Friday, the latest update. The Transmission Index (Rt), which measures the number of victims per victim, also rose from 1.11 to 1.23. While many Portuguese preferred to be tested before family reunions, the number of infections increased on December 23 and 24, two days after the outbreak of more Covit-19 trials. During those two days, a total of more than 620,000 tests (PCR and antigens) were performed, not counting self-tests. (Eph)

Hundreds of flights have been canceled in the United States for the fourth day in a row

Major US airlines canceled hundreds of flights for the fourth day in a row on Monday due to advances in the Omigron variant of the corona virus, according to Flight Aware, a US company that specializes in providing real-time data. Flights. At 9:15 GMT (14:15 GMT), 810 routes to or from North America were suspended along the East Coast of the United States. This is less than the 1,517 planes that landed yesterday. On Christmas Saturday, another 1,000 planes did not take off or take off in the United States, and on Christmas Eve, 700 planes were in the hangar. Worldwide, as of this Monday, 2,327 trips have been suspended, while 5,852 trips have been delayed. Airlines are asking their passengers to look at websites and apps to find out about their flights. United Airlines has acknowledged that the increase in Omigron infections in the United States has a “direct impact” on flight crews and other corporate employees, who must stay home to prevent others from recovering from the disease. (Eph)

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