July 2, 2022


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Covit-19 vaccine strengthening began in Sao Paulo, Brazil

September 13, 2021, 21: 6
BRASILIA, Sept. 13 (Prinza Latina) Sao Paulo began today to apply the booster dose of the vaccine against covit-19 in people aged 85 and 89, Brazilian state health officials have confirmed.

The vaccine is given to older people who have taken a second or single dose at least six months ago.

Such an application occurs in a regional manner and especially in this group it is done with the drug available in health positions, without giving preference to the US laboratory Pfizer recommended by the Ministry of Health.

In early September, the Sao Paulo government released the immunization schedule for the booster dose. Visitors over the age of 60 and those with an immune disorder of 18 and over, estimated at 7.2 million people, should get it in the state.

In the case of patients with immunodeficiency, it is necessary to wait 28 days after the second part.

So far, the Sao Paulo administration’s vaccination plan for additional domains differs from that drawn up by the federal government.

The Postfolio recommended a booster dose for those over 70 and those whose immunity was reduced by Pfizer. However, the Sao Paulo government did not mandate the use of the manufacturer.

The G1 news portal assured that the studies have not yet evaluated all possible combinations between companies of different brands and vaccines.

Scientists studying epidemiology have highlighted research showing greater safety for the elderly by Pfizer, as determined by administrators.

In Brazil, at least four studies are underway to evaluate the feasibility of a booster dose for Covit-19 antigens used in the national territory.

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Sao Paulo remains the epicenter of the epidemic in the country, with 147 thousand 258 lives lost and four million 300 thousand 644 polluted.

South American giants typically account for 587,066 deaths and 21 million 6,424 people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which causes Govt-19.

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