September 25, 2022

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Nepal imposes new restrictions amid rising corona virus cases

Nepal imposed new restrictions this Sunday on the rapid rise in corona virus cases and the closure of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Like gyms or theaters until next January 29th. The Government of Nepal has announced that it has decided to close the entertainment venues for two weeks after the Cabinet meeting. Government spokesman Gyanendra Bahadur Karki explained that the meetings should now be conducted in practice.

However he clarified The government can call important meetings with a maximum of 25 participants with negative corona virus tests, And from January 21, people will be able to enter public places such as hotels or restaurants that issue vaccination cards with complete guidance.

Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal Fanindra Mani Pokrell explained.Colleges, universities and other educational centers should teach in practice, A maximum of 25 people will be allowed in the shopping centers, where “owners or managers will be responsible for maintaining health care protocols among their customers.” What else, Important religious or cultural events such as weddings or coming of age may be held in the presence of a maximum of 50 people. As per government order.

The government has said that national airlines will also be required to carry out antigen testing for their passengers and that the cost of the test will be borne by the company. This result This came after the release of the Himalayan Country Report in the last 24 hours The rapid increase was 4,961 new cases of COVID-19, taking into account that only 213 infections were reported daily in the country two weeks ago. (Eph)

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