September 29, 2022

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Australia prepares to return to school amid COVID crisis

More than four million Australian students are preparing to begin the first school year next weekUnder different criteria in each region and Private classes among fears In schools, Govt-19 infections are on the rise in the country.

Amid a campaign to provide immunizations to people under the age of 12, New South Wales and Victoria, the most populous states in the maritime country, will first conduct two rapid antigen tests a week for students and their workers. Four

Measures related to the use of masks will also vary according to the regions of Australia, where emphasis should be given to staff and secondary students, but not to younger ones.

Schools will be closed “as a last resort” New South Wales Education Secretary Georgina Harrison told reporters in Sydney on Monday that covetousness and virtual learning would be “short-lived”.

In contrast, Queensland and South Australia have chosen to delay the start of the school year; Western Australia, still barred from traveling to its borders indefinitely and unaffected by the appearance of the Omigran variant, will resume classes next week.

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