October 4, 2022


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Cuba achieves its goals in protecting the ozone layer ›World› Granma

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Cuba, which signed the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol (ratified in 1992) and their subsequent amendments, strictly adheres to the commitment to the reduction and progressive elimination of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) within the established timeframe.

Notable results achieved in the country under the guidance of the Office of Ozone Technology include the total removal of chlorofluorocarbons in domestic and commercial refrigeration, the conversion of those native compounds into pharmaceutical aerosols and the complete suppression of residual bromide in tobacco seedlings, coffee nurseries and smoking of protected crops.

With the introduction of modern technology, the consumption of ODS has recently been eliminated in the production of polyurethane foam, which is used in the manufacture of insulating panels for construction, refrigeration equipment and pharmaceutical containers required to maintain a certain temperature.

As a result of these results, 17 service and manufacturing companies are eligible for national recognition for firmly eliminating the use of ODS, which celebrates World Day on September 17, 16 by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (SIDMA). Ozone layer protection.

Said Helen Rodriguez, communications expert at the Center for Information Management and Energy Development (Cubenergia). Granma The most prestigious companies in 2021 are the Lotus Kansas I and El Canyon hotels, both in Varadero and Madanzas; Floral, in Villa Clara; From the Ciudad Hotel complex in Santiago de Cuba to San Basilio, San Felice and Enramada.

Octavio de la Concepci ஒn y de la Petraja Children’s Hospital, Meccanica del Knovel Commandant Gustavo Machan Company, Servicios Inganiaros Hydroligos Estேs Gas and Commandant Rene Ramos LaDor, from the province of Holcn.

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Newspaper Company UEB Gráfica Villa Clara; Villa Clara Offset Graphic Agency; The Palma Soriano factory owns the Empressa Mixta Compacto Caribbean SA, and the Yakabo Abajo, Gajobabo, Yunku and Duaba camps in Guantanamo.