September 25, 2022

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Cuba for concrete steps to reverse the damage to the global environment

The official is attending the 40th anniversary special session of the Latin American and Caribbean Environment Ministers’ Council, which opened this Thursday at the Marriott Hotel in the neighboring province of Heredia, ending tomorrow.

Cuba will continue to contribute to the strengthening of regional offices and the provision of greater financial and technological resources, Dabota told Princesa Latina.

Furthermore, he continued, we recommend strengthening the Latin American and Caribbean Initiative for Sustainable Development (ILAC) in relation to sustainable use and development of biodiversity and increasing the use of renewable energy sources to achieve control and protection. Our natural resources.

“Cuba wants to maintain a proactive call for action that is concrete, inclusive, effective and, above all, with a regional and global objective that we can all march together in one direction to reverse the damage to Mother Nature. Our ecosystems and our people are vulnerable,” Dabota stressed.

For the Cuban Deputy Minister, this endeavor will require a number of initiatives, including the application of science and innovation, finance and technology.

The Cuban delegation for the event was also led by Ernesto Plasencia, an international relations expert at Sidma.

At this forum, which is currently promoting solutions to important regional challenges, the participating delegates seek to strengthen regional cooperation in the face of the three planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

The two-day meeting will be held almost exclusively as a forum to discuss the future and role of the regional political arena within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Environment Program. (UNEP), which is the forum’s secretariat from its regional office in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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According to the agenda, participants will discuss ways to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its sustainable development goals in the context of the post-Govt-19 economic and social recovery, and discuss how to strengthen alliances and funding for environmental activities.

Participants hope to review regional perspectives on participation in the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Environment, which will take place in Nairobi from February 28 to March 2, 2022, and to make key decisions regarding the agreement on environmental policies for the region. , Kenya.

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