July 2, 2022


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Cuba marks US unilateral summit | News

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Barilla described the summit on democracy organized by US President Joe Biden on Thursday as “selective and one-sided”. Private sector.

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The anti-imperialist forum that protects the people in Cuba is gathering

The Cuban foreign minister said in a Twitter profile that the event was “out of international respect” and was taking place outside the United Nations (UN) despite the thematic axis of protecting human rights and democratic rule.

To that he acknowledges that the White House “recognizes its own isolation in the multilateral system and the inability to impose values ​​and rules there in response to its narrow strategic interests.

Despite having representatives from more than a hundred countries, the forum has been criticized by politicians, the media and a significant section of the American people, who point out that Biden is undermining the democratic policies he seeks to promote in that forum.

In Washington’s conflict with China and Russia, countries that accuse it of human rights abuses, and countries that have no delegates to the conference, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Turkey and Iran, deserve it as a kind of thermometer. .

In that sense, it is possible Maria Sajarova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, “ignored the United States.” It is destroying the system of international relations based on international law and the central role of the UN, to create its own comfort zone that it wants to dominate on its own.

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The ambassador added that those attending the virtual forum would be “given the honorable right to serve the interests of the US regime”, while the United States “seeks to change the established world order by forming new alliances, associations and institutions.”

Meanwhile, demonstrations in the United States, California, Georgia, New York and Virginia this Thursday, as part of protests that began on the 6th across the Union, will continue until now. The next day 13 elections and the revision of redistributed state election maps affecting civil rights, as well as minorities, especially of Afro-descendants.