October 4, 2022


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Cuba offers its tourism sector to Spanish merchants

Madrid -. During a meeting with Spanish businessmen on the Fitur 2022 exhibition, Cuba today presented its tourism sector with broad growth forecasts for 2030.

Cuba’s Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia Granta described the strength of the non – smoking industry on the Caribbean island, citing the success of the vaccine campaign in its own three serums.

Garcia Granta, who heads his country’s delegation to the International Tourism Exhibition (Fitur) starting this Wednesday at the IFEMA-Madrid venue, outlined some objectives, such as increasing the hotel capacity to 95,000 rooms and surpassing six million visitors by 2030.

Similarly, in an exchange with representatives of various companies in the Iberian country, he described the detailed ideas for expanding the real estate sphere associated with golf courses and marinas, and cited the beliefs placed in the so-called Cienfuegos, the pearl of the South. The largest in the Antilles.

In addition, he mentioned other projects in Artemisia, Pinar del Rio, Holquin, Varadero, Montansas and Havana.

Responding to questions from the auditorium at a hotel in the capital, the minister acknowledged that the US-led economic embargo had intensified during Donald Trump’s administration, slowing tourism growth in Cuba. Infectious disease ..

However, in the context of joint ventures operating on the island, he stressed that 62 per cent were of Spanish descent and encouraged the business community in the European country to continue betting on Cuba.

Garcia Granta recalls that the Cuban archipelago has more than a thousand kilometers of coastline, with many beaches, nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, four magnificent sites, 14 national parks and six biosphere reserves.

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“I invite you to visit us and see for yourself, despite the campaigns that are trying to distort our reality. We are a safe, vaccinated and supportive country for healthy tourism, nature, heritage, culture and beaches,” he said.

Fitur, which runs until Sunday, will have the participation of 107 countries and a major Latin American presence in the Dominican Republic, along with a large Latin American presence in Mexico, Peru, Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba, Ecuador, and Argentina. , Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala, to name a few.