November 28, 2022

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Cuba prepares Feria Internacional de Transporte y Logística (+Photo)

In the meeting, the forms of non-state management in the national economy and Cubans residing abroad will be represented, to identify business opportunities, funding avenues, cooperation projects and investments that allow the development of transportation in the country, which is seriously affected. por el recrudecido bloqueo de Estados Unidos.

The Vice-Minister of Transport Naima Alfonso explained in a press conference, that it will be a specialized fair to favor the consolidation of existing projects or negotiations, in order to provide better transportation to the population and successful performance of the economy.

Among the topics of the sample mentioned the sustainable mobility of passengers and cargo, the modernization of means of transport and infrastructure, the use of renewable energies, the repair and manufacture of spare parts and aggregates, the efficiency of supply chains and logistics in general. y nuevas tecnologias asociados a los servicios.

Alfonso explained that the main purpose of the event is to encourage the development of different actors of the economy, promote direct foreign investment, boost international cooperation and attract financing for the development of infrastructures and stimulate and diversify exports of goods and services.

During the Fair, it is expected to present the portfolio of projects for foreign investment in transport and the management of plans for international cooperation in the sector, as well as Cuban Aviation will announce new cargo routes and the Cuban Aviation Corporation will promote them. actions for the increase of operations and tourism.

The agenda includes the launch of the nueva carrera de nivel superior de Ingeniería en Transporte, y una ronda de negocios especializado para exponer el avance de las industrias naval, railway y automotriz.

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Hasta la fecha ya confirmaron su participação empresas productoras, de servicios y commercializadoras de México, Venezuela, Bélgica, China, Colombia, Ecuador, España, Países Bajos e Italia, y por Cuba unos 52 expositores de la actividad transportista.