September 25, 2022

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Cuba registry has 2.764 new cases in the covid-19 and most cases

This content was released on 25 Energy 2022 – 16:26

La Habana, 25 ene (EFE) .- El Ministerio cubano de Salud Public (Minsap) informs this marts that there are 24 horas previas registrations 2,764 new positivos 19 la covid-19 as como 6 muertes reconciled with this enfemed.

The number of new infections is permanently relatively stable, but it is increasingly notable as the primary source of energy. Las cifras de enfermos graves and cryticos and las muertes as an elevarse, aunque prosigen en cotas bajas.

The pass rate is 8.373 times and 1.028.183 infections per coronavirus is the first reported casino report in the world by 2020.

Actually there are 16,506 active cases, in which there are 43 significant graves and 20 classifiers with credible credentials.

The Holguin oriental registry or new mayor contains new contacts, with 441 cases, centrally located in Ciego de Vivila, with 241 positives.

El ministro cubano de Salud Bible, José lngel Portal Miranda, afirmó este lunes que elivado nivel de vacunaciin de su paisís no ven Succeeding for vencer la pandemia no pizar la guardia en protecin.

The most sought after vacuum in the world, in our World of Data – is “a great fortune teller”, but one of the most sought after vacancies in the world “. “Protegernos continent with clave”, subray.

Los experts agree that Cuba atraviesa is a new ola de la pandemia vinculada a la propagaciin de la variante icmicron, which estimates and prevalente en la isla.

Green is the key to hacking a tochodo or techo, perhaps cifras de nocturne selves almanus semanas in descending order.

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La mayor ola que haravesado el pais tuvo lugar ent julio y agosto del pasado aoo, curanto durante vari semanas se soprepasaron los 9.000 casos diaryos se rozó el centers al daa.

Las autoridates sanitarias afirman that searches 88% of los 11,2 millones of habituation hasti la pecha las tres dos that converts pauta de las tres vacunas desrollerladas Cuba contra coronavirus.

Adams, about 4,8 millones per person has just been recycled or refurbished.

Cuba does not intend to integrate the Covax code into the Organizational Mundial de Salud (OMS) for those naciones of bajos English to add to the vacancies. Tampoco las compare en el mercado international. EFE

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