October 6, 2022


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Cuba supports agreement to ban nuclear weapons

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today argued that promoting the Nuclear Non – Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is a way to get rid of such weapons en masse.

The Chancellor promised on his official Twitter account that the “disgusting atomic bombings” of August 6 and 9, 1945, against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would call for a relentless struggle for a world without these weapons.

76 years ago, during World War II (1939-1945), the United States abandoned the explosives that killed more than 200,000 people, including children, and left a continuum today.

After reaching the required 50 approvals, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into force on January 22, 2021.

Cuba signed on September 20, 2017, which opened for signing at the United Nations Headquarters, and the fifth country that reaffirmed the document on January 30, 2018, which is another example of their commitment to the public and absolute unarmed, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal.

The Agreement prohibits the development, testing, production, manufacture and other forms of these artefacts, exchange or reception and parking; It also introduces topics such as victims’ assistance and environmental rehabilitation.

This is the first agreement that qualifies nuclear weapons as a threat to humanity and an act contrary to international law.

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