September 30, 2022

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Cuba supports Nicaragua’s decision to withdraw from OAS

The Cuban Foreign Ministry has issued a statement in support of Nicaragua’s decision to withdraw from the Organization of the United Nations (OAS). We publish the full version of Minrex.


The Cuban Foreign Ministry has backed Nicaragua’s decision to resign from the Organization of the United States (OAS).

The OAS has in many cases remained silent when confronted with coups in our region, has been complicit in efforts for isolation and military intervention, and has supported economic occupation.

The organization was a slave to the United States plotting a coup d’tat in Bolivia, a fluorinated state involving the use of violence against elected officials and institutions.

Hemisphere relations require a profound transformation based on strict respect for international law and the Charter of the United Nations, including the principles of self-determination and the freedom of the people, non-interference in internal affairs and sovereign equality.

Cuba reaffirms its support and solidarity with the people and government of Nicaragua. The only possible path is regional unity and integration and the common commitment to declare Latin America and the Caribbean a peace zone, which was signed in January 2014 in Havana.

Source: Cubaminerex / Central American and Caribbean Digital Newspaper.

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