July 2, 2022


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Cuba, which has crossed the border into the United States, acknowledged that this was a very difficult experience

It took almost two months for Cuban Adonis Barrios and his family to come to the United States from Uruguay, although he acknowledged that although there was no loss of grief, it was a very difficult experience.

“Thank God we’ve here, we have nothing to regret, but I do not recommend it to anyone I like, to anyone who appreciates that I recommend the trip,” Barrios admitted to journalist Rolando Napoleon. USA

Barrios admitted that he felt the danger of involving his family between Colombia and Panama because they crossed an area full of explosive mines because it was part of an armed conflict between Colombian guerrillas.

“When we got tired and came to the beach we were told we didn’t know how we got to that totally hospitable place and it was more likely to be a landmine,” he said.

Another moment about Cuba during his trip was when his wife almost fell off a cliff and thanks to his quick reaction he was able to catch a root that was sticking out of the ground.

“Thank God she was able to take that root and she was able to bear all the weight,” he recalled.

However, within 12 hours of a boat trip, when they saw that his life was in grave danger, one of his children became almost dehydrated and felt that the boat would capsize.

“The boat hit hard on the ridge of the waves. The children started crying and the little girl vomited a lot and almost became dehydrated,” he added.

According to Barrios, they are safe in the United States and are starting a new phase in their lives, but the risk they have taken is even greater, and the risks they pose are staggering. Travel ..

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Although the dry feet wet feet policy has not been in place since the Obama administration, many Cubans are trying to reach the United States, crossing borders via the Florida Strait or via Latin American countries.

The federal government and immigration officials insist the trip will be unsafe, and urge not to do so, as the economic and social crisis on the island escalates and the number and liberties of Cubans trying to escape in search of economic progress.

Following the announcement that Nicaragua will not apply for a visa to Cubans “for humanitarian reasons”Analysts and experts on immigration issues warn that the regime could be Havana complicit. By Daniel Ortega, soSocial pressure was given to the problems posed by the economic policies of the Communist Party.

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