October 6, 2022


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Cuban ambassador to Ukraine condemns US hostility – Prinza Latina

In an interview with the working channel of the YouTube channel Capital, the diplomat cited Washington’s leading role in the July 11 riots in several cities across the Antilles.

For more than 60 years, the White House has maintained the state’s iron policy of suffocating Cuba, the consequences of which have added to the crisis caused by the epidemic and become a ‘breeding ground’ for discontent among the people. Different sectors of the population.

“There was nothing else they used for the July 11 riots,” Thias said.

When asked about the economic reforms being carried out in Cuba, Thias explained that this is a process that has been going on for many years and is based on the administrative documents of the country’s economic and social policy.

He acknowledged that the changes were a challenge to the island, amid the intensification of the U.S. siege, the epidemic crisis and its impact on the Caribbean economy.

Commenting on the epidemiological situation in the country, the head of Havana’s diplomatic mission in Kiev pointed out that Cuba is facing an epidemic peak, however, the death rate continues at 0.75 percent, one of the lowest in the world.

He explained that Cuban health officials are carrying out the mass vaccination process, along with nationally manufactured drugs. “It is expected that 100 percent of the population will be vaccinated by the end of this year,” he said.

Referring to the relations between Cuba and Ukraine, he noted the historic nature of bilateral relations, which were strengthened by the Chernobyl Child Care Program in Cuba, which became one of the pillars of friendship between the two.

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With regard to trade exchange, the Cuban Ambassador pointed out that at present it is low, however, he assured that there is great potential for the development of economic-trade relations between Havana and Kiev.

The program on the Internet was hosted by Ukrainian political scientist and journalist Dmitry Jankrov.

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