September 30, 2022

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Cuban immigrants lead riots in Mexico’s Beatrice Necros

A group of Cuban immigrants staged a riot on October 21 inside the National Migration Agency in the border town of Beitras Necras in the state of Kohuvila.

According to the news site, the Cubans injured the company guard and caused damage to the place. Vanguard.

This event happened because about 14 Immigrants They should pass security agents and immigration workers and seek help to control the situation.

“Two of the migrants were transferred to the facilities of the Municipal Directorate of Public Safety for damage and the rest to the facilities of the State Attorney’s Office (FGE). INM”, the media reported.

The Cubans said they had been there for more than four days and that their only option was to enter the United States.

Cubans on a trip to the United States

Mexico This is the prelude to the dream of thousands of Cubans who want to reach American soil. Many people lose their lives in this dangerous journey.

Approximately five Cubans died Accident In the Aztec lands at the end of September, they tried to reach the border of the United States.

Seven Cuban immigrants were injured when their vehicle, a Chevrolet Tahoe pickup truck, overturned on the La Tinaja-Cosoliage Highway in Mexico’s Veracruz state.

Many Cubans have lost their lives trying to cross the Rio Grande, which separates Mexico from the United States. Hundreds of people have died as more than 10,700 Cubans crossed the Darian Forest on the border between Colombia and Panama since January, according to data from Panama’s National Migration Service.

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Those who decide not to make progress are trying to normalize their settlement status on Mexican soil. As of mid-October, 2,351 immigrants from Cuba, Haiti and Honduras had filed amber lawsuits seeking stay in Mexico.

Earlier this month, only four Ambaro cases were known in favor of 82 people from Cuba, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Venezuela, according to the National Migration Agency’s representative office in Chiapas.

Photo taken from Vanguardia