July 2, 2022


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Daniel Ortega accepted the presidency in Nicaragua with new alliances

Undoubtedly, the new term of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) executive will receive the close support of the Asian nation, as President Xi Jinping has shown his satisfaction in re-establishing diplomatic relations and recognizing a single China.

Delegates attending the inauguration of the country’s top leaders, led by National People’s Congress Vice President Gao Xianming, acknowledged FSLN’s leadership in projects for the benefit of citizens and socio-economic development.

“Our goal is to make progress on the continuation we brought before April 2018. (…) The Chinese Revolution and the Sandinista Revolution have the same north, path and goal, and it will eradicate poverty,” said Ordega of Managua. Before the score of international delegates.

At the inauguration ceremony, three presidents were present: Miguel Diaz-Connell, from Cuba; Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras have indicated their commitment to continuing the struggle for sovereignty, independence and the right to self-determination.

The president, who was re-elected for a fourth term following the November 7 election, warned that building peace on infrastructure, job creation, access to basic services and security was an inevitable tool.

Similarly, Central America demanded that the U.S. government respect the June 27, 1986 ruling of the International Court of Justice, which finances and compensates the organization for military action against the Nicaraguan government and people.

“They say they respect the law, so this is an opportunity for US President Joe Biden to make a historic and courageous turn. He is compensating us, this is an act of justice, not begging,” he warned. Head of State.

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International Reconstruction?

This January 10th, popular decision and reaffirmation of the Christian, socialist and unity model, highlights the continuing governance of responsible governance and the institutionalized political will of government committed to the demands of Nicaraguan society, highlighted educator Jonathan Flores.

For a professor of philosophy and scientific research at Nicaragua’s Autonomous University (UNAN-Managua), each region’s sovereign definition of its foreign policy and the resumption of relations with China, in his view, opens up the possibility of finding new markets. Connects ambassadors in that region.

Similarly, China has a number of cooperation agreements with Latin American and Caribbean countries that began in Nicaragua in the 1960s, continued after the victory of the Santinista Revolution on July 19, 1979, and experienced a sudden interruption in the 1990s.

The new period 2022-2027 is moving forward with other changes in foreign policy, including the process of exiting the US states, a decision taken by different state powers in the face of repeated violations by the regional council.

“Nicaragua adopts a position that respects the will, decisions and right to self-determination of all nations of the world, especially since 1979. It has been committed to the principles of friendship, completeness and mutual respect with the peoples of the world,” he pointed out. Latin Press.

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