November 28, 2022

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Daniel Ortega begins his fourth term with some allies (video)

The Venezuelan opposition won the governorship of the plain state of Parinas this Sunday, which was considered the stronghold of the ruling party because it is the home territory of former President Hugo Chavez Friaz and where his father and his two brothers have ruled for the past 23 years. He said Voice of America, VOA.

According to official results, Sergio Garrido, the candidate for the monopoly base facing Chavismo, won the governorship by card of the Democratic Solidarity Schedule.

“Parinas has arisen and from Parinas, to the whole of Venezuela, it will be a beacon of hope, optimism and democracy. With small elections like Parinas tomorrow (…) elections will be bigger by vote, which is the only weapon that Democrats have,” Carido said after learning of the results.

He said we show that we achieve it with unity and the strength of each of you.

The National Electoral Council released its official results shortly before midnight, confirming the opposition’s victory: Sergio Garrido received 172,796 votes in the Democratic Solidarity Table (MUD), or 55.37% of the electorate; George Areza, from Savismo, 128,751 votes, 41.26%; And Claudio Fermin of Allianz Democrats, who received 5,538 votes in favor and 1.77% of the vote.

“This victory belongs to God and the noble people of Parinas (…) Once Mr. Aresa admits his defeat (he has already done so), the people of Barinas can declare victory, the democratic power, the victory of the anti-Barinas.” Said at a press conference aired after noon.

Celebrating Sunday’s referendum as “peaceful and peaceful”, Garrido thanked the National Armed Forces for its “organizational level” conduct during the election process. He said he had overcome “obstacles” and “difficulties” in his campaign to achieve success.

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Jorge Areza, a former foreign minister in the government of Nicolas Maduro, a former minister of Chavez and the candidate of the Venezuelan United Socialist Party, admitted his defeat on social media even before the election authority released the results.

“The information (sic) we receive from our PSUV structures indicates that despite our increase in votes, the goal has not been achieved. I heartily thank you for our heroic militancy. We will continue to protect the people of Parinees from everywhere,” the applicant wrote on Twitter.

At least 607,000 people from Barcelona were invited to vote to elect their governor after the judiciary ordered a re-election on November 21. Opposition candidate Freddie Superlano later defeated re-election candidate Astrubal Chavez, the brother of former President Chavez.

The Supreme Court ruling indicated that he had been disqualified as a Superlano candidate by the Office of the Controller General of the Republic due to complaints not yet officially announced. His victory margin was only 0.39% of less than 200 votes.

The November winner, however, backed Carrido during the campaign, who accepted the opposition candidate after the National Electoral Council’s nomination system, preventing him from registering two other candidates for the post on the Democratic Unity Schedule, including Superlano’s wife.

Juan QuitoThe opposition leader, who has been recognized by Venezuela’s president since January 2019 by 50 governments around the world, hailed Parinas as an “example of struggle and opposition” on his official Twitter account.

“Where it started, it ends,” Quito wrote, referring to how the Lanora area is considered the cradle of Savismo. “Together we are going to defend the will of a powerful majority that will not surrender, or surrender, until we see democracy again in Venezuela,” the opposition leader continued.

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Before Arreaza conceded defeat, President Nicolas Maduro confirmed that Perrinas was “going to recognize the path of democracy” and foretold an official victory “with the immortal spirit of General Chavez.”

Other opposition political leaders, such as Luis Florido, point to the defeat of the Venezuelan ruling party despite its efforts to focus on victory in a key state.

“They brought PSUV staff, governors, buses, a royal couple, benefits, but they could not against the people of Parinas who exposed themselves and overthrew the dictatorship. We will look to the future,” he said on Twitter.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will use force and resources to win the November election.

Political scientist Pablo Andres Quintero commented The Voice of America The election campaign in Parinas was “very different” because the entire national political leadership supported the respective candidates in the same state, as well as because of the referendum that took place two months ago.

Claudio Fermin, a former presidential candidate who wanted to win the Barinas governorship this Sunday, insisted he was “not very strategic” in running as an independent candidate. In the end, it won.

Quintero insisted that the Chavez candidate, despite being president, had proved that he was a “non-political influence.”

Luis Vicente Leon of Tatalysis considered the major losers in Paris on Sunday to be Savismo and non-voters.

“It is not worth it for populism, official mobilization, military displacement, institutional control or brutal attacks on those who want to vote. More than half of Barcelona’s votes killed many birds with one stone,” he analyzed on Twitter.

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