September 25, 2022

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Desantis echoes Trump accusing Florida of testing for high levels of Govt infection in children

Echoing Donald Trump, who often argues that the comprehensive Govt test “makes us look bad”, Florida Governor Ron Desantis argued that the increase in Govt numbers in his state among young people is in fact an over-representation of the problem due to widespread testing.

“Going to school and like some of those tests, I think it’s actually declining in school-age children, they are testing to the point of retaining numbers, but the positive percentage is declining.” The Republican governor and Trump supporter told a news conference Monday.

Independent Sec Contacted Desantis for comment.

According to the latest data update from the Florida Department of Health, which has no trial numbers, the number of cases among children aged 12 to 19 has increased since June, and with all the symptoms, the state is experiencing an unprecedented wave of corona virus disease.

Trump has repeatedly argued that the high Govt test will “create” more corona virus cases in official data, although public health officials dismiss it as a misleading and an important tool in responding to an infection.

Last week, children and teens had a higher Govt positive rate than any other age group in Florida, with people under the age of 19 accounting for a quarter of infections. Over the weekend, Florida had the highest hospitalization rate in the country, and the average gross mortality rate in the state reached unprecedented levels of vaccination at any other time of the year. The youth mortality rate in the state has also increased since June.

The government has made great efforts to vaccinate the most vulnerable people, such as the elderly, but the governor’s office has been at war with local officials and school administrators for measures such as mask orders.

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On Friday, a judge found that Florida’s constitutional guarantees to protect children were violated and ruled that the state could not pursue a policy banning local mask orders. The governor and the Department of Education said they plan to appeal Monday.

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Public health officials have criticized how children are taken to school without rules for wearing a mask.

“When it comes to asking for masks, there is a pushback from some officials, which is very unfortunate because when we do it it can endanger the health of children,” said Dr. Anthony Fossie, director of the National Institute of Allergies. And infectious diseases, he told NBC News Meet the press Sunday.

Morks and crematoriums are overflowing, and the cities of Florida are urging citizens to conserve water so that the liquid oxygen used in water purification can be stored in hospitals.