November 28, 2022

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Detectan ninth case of monovirus in India

Nueva Delhi, 3 ago (Prensa Latina) Una mujer nigeriana de 31 años dio positivo a la ruela del mono in Nueva Delhi, the fourth case in the capital of la India and the ninth in the South Asian country, was disclosed today.

Es la primera mujer que da positivo con la viruela del mono en la India, said the agency de noticias Press Trust of India.

Anteriormente, dos ciudadanos nigerianos sin antecedentes recientes de viajes al extranjero dieron positivo en Nueva Delhi, cuyo gobierno preparó 70 salas de isolation en hospitales públicos y privados.

El viceminister jefe del estado indio de Delhi, Manish Sisodia, informed that more isolation rooms will be added if necessary.

Meanwhile, a working group on smallpox was established to monitor the situation in the country and decide the response initiatives to face the spread of this disease.

According to the Organization Mundial de la Salud (OMS), smallpox is a zoonotic infection, a virus that is transmitted to humans through animals, with symptoms similar to those of smallpox, although clinically less serious.

Suele manifestarse with fever, cutaneous eruption and inflammation of the lymph nodes, y puede dar lugar a una series of medical complications and symptoms lasting from two to four weeks.

The transmission from person to person is produced mainly through large respiratory droplets that generally require close contact.

The virus can also be transmitted by direct contact with bodily fluids or lesions and by contact through contaminated clothing by an infected person.

The transmission from animal to human can be produced by bites or scratches from infected animals and through the preparation of meat.

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La OMS declared this condition as emergency of public health of international importance, después de notificarse más de 16 mil casos y cinco muertos en 75 países.