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“Don’t be so cynical”: Caracas’ response to the Duke after asking the United States to declare Venezuela a terrorist promoter


26 July 2021 23:16 GMT

“You are responsible for a narco-government that exports drugs and violence,” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Areza responded to the Colombian president.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister George Areza responded to Colombian President Ivan Duke on Monday, calling him a “scoundrel” after the president asked the United States to declare Venezuela a promoter of terrorism.

“Don’t be so cynical,” Areza said via Twitter, where he said it Duke “Narco-government drug lord responsible for violence”.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Colombia “has a terrorist factory in power that has dissolved the desire for peace. Internal Y Sends mercenaries to create violence and assassinate presidents in the region“, Denouncing the role of Colombia – announced by Caracas – in Failed projects Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been hanged, and many former members of the Colombian military have been implicated in the controversy in Haiti. Massacre President Jovnell Mosin.

The Venezuelan foreign minister’s response this morning, Duke urged the US government to classify his neighbor. Promoter of terrorism, Which ensures that alleged extremist “groups” in the Venezuelan region are protected, Bogota has repeatedly stated on other occasions, when using a photo in September 2019 is highly controversial. decontextualized He presented it as “evidence” to the UN.

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Duke made the request directly to the U.S. ambassador in BogotaWhen Philip Goldberg founded the III International Symposium on the Analysis and Prevention of Urban Terrorism, he promised that the Venezuelan government would protect these groups – without evidence – and that both were responsible Attacks Recorded in Kokota last June: one against the 30th Regiment of the Army and the other against the helicopter that the Colombian president was traveling with his entourage.

Weeks ago, the Maduro government pointed out that Colombia He had designed “false positives” to try to criminalize Venezuela In two false flag operations. According to Caracas, the purpose of these actions was to divert the international view of the Duke administration, which was severely questioned by the brutal repression of mass protests against his government.