October 6, 2022


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Doubt about Fujimori adverse week and its future

Written by Manuel Robles Sosa

Lima, July 24 (Brensa Latina) An adverse week for Fujimoris culminated in questions about its future, from the possible fall to how dangerous Pedro Castillo’s new Peruvian government is.

Events of gratitude to the defeated Keiko Fujimori began on Monday the 19th, with the expected but surprising declaration of a rural teacher’s election victory delayed by the maneuvers of the president’s lawyers who incited a fraud that had never been proven.

After the irreversible declaration, Fujimori said he would accept the decision of the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) because the law requires it, but Castillo did not consider the president.

At the ceremony to present Castillo’s credentials to the President of the Republic, JNE leader George Salas harshly criticized Fujimorismo for his anonymity, his pressure on the election process, and the propaganda of false news.

‘I completely reject whether the electoral system conspired to commit fraud or tolerated fraud. The expert observations of international and non-partisan organizations have confirmed that there is no such thing, ”said Salas.

The campaign has established a field of “integrated and effectively disseminated fear and fraud speeches” that is a reference to Fujimori’s anti – communist content strategy.

Around the same time, at a conference with foreign press, President Francisco Chastity commented that he was disgusted by the losers and that electoral organizations were able to counter Fujimori attacks because they did not agree with them.

What is worrying is that there is a small group, less than half of those who voted for the defeated, living in a bubble, feeding each other again, believing they are the owners of the truth, and they are questioning the electoral process. ‘

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“They are the smallest group (but) the most violent group in the world, in other parts of the world, even in the United States,” he added, referring to former President Donald Trump’s opposition to accepting his election defeat and violence. One of his supporters said he was appointed judge of Salas.

Chagasti said these sectors were losing their legitimacy and “had nothing to do with the thinking and feeling of the majority of Peruvians.”

He wanted to talk about Fujimoris, the way to politicize the 90s of the last century, Keiko’s father Alberto Fujimori’s heavy government and long imprisonment for crimes against humanity.

“It’s time to turn the page, forget the way politics is done, I hope it’s not for the future,” he said.

The prediction, promoted by Chagasti, confirmed that Fujimori’s security challenge had failed, and Judge Vector Zika set up the first hearing of a preliminary hearing for him and his 41 co – defendants on Aug. 31 to discuss the charges.

The public prosecutor also charged with crimes that led to a criminal organization with 41 members, and faces up to 30 years and ten months in prison for organized crime, money laundering, obstruction of justice and misrepresentation in administrative proceedings.

According to attorney Jose Perez, who has been prosecuting the case for more than two years, the organization was committed to raising millionaire election funds secretly contributed by large corporations, which could be reciprocated if the government or its parliament decides in favor of them.

However, various political forces and analysts believe that Fursa Popular will use Castillo’s presence and its far-right allies in parliament to destabilize him.

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With the international protection of right-wing writer Mario Vargas Losa, the weekly ‘Hildebrand n Suss Trace’ warned that the camp wants to expel him (dismiss him) by the end of this year.

Earlier, the publication said they would seek a legitimate inquiry into the suspicious legitimacy of the last election to represent Peru’s first schoolteacher and farmer-elected president, although the consequences are unclear.

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