July 2, 2022


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Dozens of immigrants land on Jupiter Beach in Florida

Dozens of illegal immigrants descended on Jupiter Beach in Florida in full view of the bathers, where they were able to record pictures of the moment and how they ran into the avenues near that area of ​​Palm Beach County.

The bathers were interviewed Telemundo51 They said the ship reached the shore and suddenly dozens of migrants jumped off the ship and began to run towards the mainland on the coast.

“We were talking to a woman and suddenly saw individuals running on the beach. I would say there were about 40 of them. We saw all of those people running,” commented one of those who could see the moment, who identified himself as Madeline Comrade.

After this moment, Jupiter police and immigration agents went ashore, where they arrested 23 immigrants who landed off the coast of Florida.

The nationality of the migrants who came to the beach by boat has not yet been released.

The ship that carried them to that shore has already been captured by the authorities.

This weekend is also over 15 Cuban rafters arrested This caused a landslide near the Summerland Geek in the Florida Keys.

Thomas G., head of the patrol unit. According to Martin, authorities “responded to the piracy incident” and 15 Cuban immigrants were “placed in federal custody”.

This Sunday, the US Coast Guard (USCG) rescued three Cuban rafters who were on patrol in the Middle Keys, four miles off the coast of Sombrero, near the Florida Keys.

As these visits to U.S. beaches increased, Florida Border Patrol warned them to be vigilant about irregular entry attempts and advised them not to go down any sea route to get there.

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