January 18, 2021

Drake, Justin Trudeau, Squirrel Warrior Definitely Some of Canada’s Most Popular YouTube Videos 2020 – Toronto

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the lives of many around the world, reflecting on YouTube’s Best Videos of 2020, which sees some of the most popular videos and creators on the annual list.

Topping the list of the best Canadian creators is Madfit, the creator of YouTube, which has also created 20-minute apartment-friendly workouts for people to do at home.

“The floor was amazing with what he did, he really highlighted his content, helping users find different ways to work with items they have at home or even doing exercises in small spaces, knowing people are in the condo, not a lot,” said YouTube Trends expert Zaiton Murjee.

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“In 2019, he had about one million followers on YouTube, and that number has risen to five million subscribers this year.”

The best Canadian creators

  1. Matfit (Over five million subscribers)
  2. The Hawksmith (Over 10.9 million subscribers)
  3. Linus Technical Tips (Over 12.4 million subscribers)
  4. Australia (Over 13.1 million subscribers)
  5. Disguised snack (Over 2.93 million subscribers)

For the best popular music videos, Life is going well It came in first place by a future artist featuring Drake.

“We know Drake is going to make a list this year. This video is directed by Canadian director X. So these are some great Canadian roots,” Murji said.

Drake also took seventh and 10th place on the list with songs Doozy slide And Laugh now, then cry.

The best music videos in Canada

  1. The future, Life is going well Ft. Drake
  2. Tokashi 6ix9ine, Location
  3. Justin Bieber, Wonderful
  4. Eminem, Godzilla Ft Juice WRLD
  5. Sidhu Moose Wala, Old school
  6. Cardi B, WAP Ft. Megan Fire Stallion
  7. Drake, Doozy slide
  8. Toby, Rockstar Ft. Roddy Rich
  9. Justin Bieber, Objectives Ft Guao
  10. Drake, Laugh now, then cry

The list of most popular videos in Canada includes YouTube creator Anonymous, a remix of one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 media commentaries.

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“They took this video and created this hilarious music experience where you can see what Prime Minister Trudeau has to say about being safe, but a couple re-enacting the place where he says ‘bad talk’, which is a global scary bad word,” Murji said.

“It really shows that Canadians – when the most challenging time passes – are looking for evidence of humor and levity through the corona virus epidemic.”

Best Popular Videos in Canada

  1. Mark Robert, Creating the right squirrel proof bird feeder
  2. Dream, Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE
  3. Anonymous, Justin Trudeau sings ‘Moisture Speaks’
  4. A joke on Netflix, 8:46 – Dave Chappell
  5. Nikki tutorials, I am coming.

The second video, one of YouTube’s most popular videos in Canada, hit Canadians’ need for competitive content amid an epidemic with the Minecraft Speedrunner Grand Finale.

“Live play has been suspended for a while this year, and people are looking forward to the competition in new formats. Gaming is a great example of that because you can do it at home with your friends, but it still gives you that competitive feel,” Murji said.

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The number one video came from YouTube creator Mark Robber, who created a trend as a barrier for squirrels, who regularly ate bird feed.

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“He’s actually NASA’s engineer-creator of YouTube. He uses the power of mechanical engineering to bring this Olympic-style curriculum, which goes through different experiences to get squirrel bird feed, ”he said.

Murji said the lists, which include original content from music, YouTube creators and gaming, represent what Canadians are looking for in an unprecedented year.

“In a year that has been very different and challenging for Canadians, we’ve seen people learn entertainment, information or new skills for YouTube this year,” he said.

“It’s really reflected in this year’s videos.”

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Best Breakout Canadian Creators

  1. Matfit (Over five million subscribers)
  2. Disguised snack (Over 2.93 million subscribers)
  3. Julie Nolke (746,000 subscribers)
  4. Gracer (Over 1.96 million subscribers)
  5. Heather Robertson (Over 1.05 million subscribers)

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