September 30, 2022

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During the holidays, AICM attends leaks, leaks and diabetic events- Uno TV.

Complaints are mainly made through social media. Users Mexico City International Airport (AICM), confirm it Prevent continued leaks In the rainy season.

Juan Nazareth is a user of AICM and confirms that there are many through landing gates Leaks, “Now you see a lot of buckets.”

In this regard, steps are already being taken, confirmed Vector Manuel Marquez, Deputy Director of Engineering, AICM. A new material for waterproofing was implementedCalled Nano grill.

Drainage and restroom maintenance are on the claim list.

“Sometimes instead of taking bath water, they flush it out.”

Gray Villalopos, AICM user

The authority promises to set it aside this year Replace drains and seal leaks 50 million pesos.

“From all the shopping centers, we have drains by the tenants we have at the airport because they create so many leaks in the soffits.”

Vector Manuel Marquez, Deputy Director of Engineering, AICM

Works include Re-foundation, a front Immerse yourself in the boarding area of ​​Terminal 2.

This will prevent dPassenger exchange In long curves.

“I can say it’s going to last seven or eight years.

Vector Manuel Marquez, Deputy Director of Engineering, AICM

International users also disagree; have to do Long time to pass the filters of the National Migration Company.

“Foreigners had very few agents.”

Ricardo Espinosa, AICM user

You must be Mexican to serve quickly; I waited about 45 minutes to attend, Revealed by Mrs. Ana Evelyn.

Information provided by the National Migration Agency A TV Of the 42 additive filters for Mexico, 115 agents have been used. Each serves 472 people a day.

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Under these conditions, only in June airport It has served more than 2 million 893 thousand people.