November 28, 2022

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Ecuador Covit-19 – Brenza Latina vaccinates girls from 12 years old

Beneficiaries include children and adolescents up to 17 years of age, with conditions such as cancer, asthma and diabetes.

As the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) has pointed out, although this demographic sector is not much affected by Govt-19, it is important to take into account that it can become contagious, become seriously ill and infect other people.

In this regard, according to scientific evidence, vaccines reduce the severity of the disease.

The MSP noted that the use of the drug complies with strict safety regulations.

To access this benefit, minors only need to go to the same vaccination center assigned to their parents and be issued a citizenship card and a medical certificate of their health status.

The choice for these events is the vaccine Pfizer.

Launched on this day is part of a massive immunization campaign against Govt-19 known as Phase 9/100, which was implemented by the national government to reach nine of the 17.7 million people in the first 100 days of administration, which will be completed by the end of August.

The number of positive cases of the disease reached 478,615 this Wednesday, according to official data from the MSP.

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