November 28, 2022

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Ecuadorian Congress interrogates Guillermo Lasso for Pandora documents The most important news and analysis in Latin America DW

Ecuador’s single-member parliament said on Sunday (10.10.2021) that it would approve an inquiry into whether President Guillermo Lasso violated the law by keeping money in tax havens, as revealed by the Pandora Papers.

To carry out the relevant inquiry into the case known as “Completion of the National Assembly with 105 Legislative Votes, Resolved in Possible 137” Pandora Documents “, He said in a statement. Many leaders from around the world – including the presidents of Chile, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic – Pandora Documents , An international press investigation revealing the concealment of assets in tax havens.

“Congress has handed over the procedure to the Constitutional Commission to clarify the relationship between President Guillermo Las Mendoza. In 30 days, the Commission will prepare a report to be discussed before the General Assembly session.

The legislature’s investigation is aimed at “clarifying” that Lasso “violates the legal mandate of the ethical agreement, which prevents candidates and public officials from keeping their resources or assets in tax havens,” parliament warned.

I agree with you Pandora Documents Lasso controlled 14 companies The sea -Most of them are Panama-centric- After former President Rafael Korea (2007-2017) approved a law in 2017, the president approved a law that would have entrusted companies with tax havens.

The president, who took office on May 24, responded several years ago that there were “legitimate investments in other countries” and released them to run for decades in the 2021 presidential election in Bango Guayaquil. Of the country.

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