September 30, 2022

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Eight countries present a draft resolution on Nicaragua at the OAS

Eight countries have submitted draft resolutions At the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) Nicaragua rejects the legitimacy of elections and asks the organization to assess the situation in the country.

Introduced by Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, the plan will be discussed during the General Assembly sessions, which end on Friday. To be approved, 18 of the 34 member states require a yes.

That document says Presidential election It re-elected President Daniel Ortega for a fourth term on Sunday, saying “they are not free, fair or transparent and they have no democratic legitimacy.”

Nicaragua states in the draft resolution that it has “ignored all the recommendations of the OAS” and that the organisation’s diplomatic efforts to promote democracy in the country have been “ignored” by the government. Of the country.

OAS Secretary-General Louis Almagro on Tuesday described the rejection of elections in Nicaragua as “illegal” and urged member states to “respond” to the General Assembly “in clear violation of the Charter of Democracy.” , Which will stop participating in the Nicaraguan organization.

Nicaragua’s mission to the OAS rejected the inclusion of their country’s situation on the agenda of the General Assembly, describing it as an “intervention procedure” and calling for “respect” for its “integrity and national sovereignty”.

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