November 28, 2022

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Escepticismo rodea formación de gobierno en Líbano

Both political figures will return to exchange criteria at the beginning of the week with the objective of completing the investigation and consultation on the integration of the cabinet.

The Lebanese mandate valued the proposal of a government of national unity of 30 ministers with great benefits in the management of finances and economic expedients, diffused local media.

At the same time, Aoun suggested the presence of all political forces in the Council of Ministers, including the so-called deputies of change or independents.

For his part, Miqati rejected the principle of rotation in the ministerial portfolios and presented a cabinet mostly similar to the current one, because the mandate will be short after the start of September 1 of the dispute for the position of president of the Republic.

Citado por Al-Akhbar, the head of the interim government stressed that appointing new ministers will not facilitate the restoration of the country’s archives, since the appointment of a representative in the following months will require another cabinet.

In this sense, the parliamentarian Hassan Ezz El-Din called the need to speed up the integration of the Council of Ministers and include in his agenda topics such as electricity, water, hospitalization, medicine and everything that impacts in a negative way on the life of los lebaneses.

For the head of the Baalbek-Hermel block, Hussein Hajj Hassan, the cabinet appointment represents an urgency to develop and approve a recovery plan that provides protection to depositors’ money and defense of the Lebanese people.

The deputy Melhem Khalaf emphasized that he will not accept a government that reduces the Parliament and demanded a rapid conformation with ministers of high efficiency, vision and experience.

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Desde el exterior, the Grupo de Apoyo Internacional para Líbano (ISG) convocó todos los actors politicos a la conformación del cabinet, pues la nación “no puede permitirse estancamientos before los graves desafícios económicos y sociales”.

Mediante un comunicado, the ISG emphasized the need to adhere to the constitutional calendar initiated in the country on the past 15 May with the parliamentary elections so that the presidential election at the end of the year will pass on time.

The group insisted on compliance with the commitments assumed in the agreement of April 7 last with the International Monetary Fund, including budgetary laws, capital control, bank secrecy and government decisions to set a solid base for recovery. sostenible de Líbano.

Likewise, the deputy head of the Hizbullah Executive Council (Partido de Dios), Sheikh Ali Damoush urged responsibility for the integration of the new cabinet in order to preserve the nation’s oil wealth without depending on American positions.

El 23 de junio, el presidente Aoun encargó al prime ministro designate, Najib Miqat, the conformation of the government after receiving the support of 54 of the 128 deputies in the parliamentary consultations.

Lebanon recognizes 18 confessions of faith and the pacto nacional para la independencia de Francia en 1943 estableció that the president of the Republic must be Christian Maronite, the prime minister Muslim Sunni and the titular parliament Shiite, and so on.