September 30, 2022

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Ethiopia conducts elections under tension over conflict in Tigris | News

Ethiopia is advancing without violence this Monday with general and regional elections, but some irregularities in the number of available votes were detected and some polling stations were delayed.

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Commission set up to investigate violence in the Tigre region

Nearly 36,000,000 voters are invited to go to the polls in an election marked by the violence of the Tigris conflict.

Despite the strong military presence, the general elections on the restrictions facing the Govt-19 are taking place in the midst of a peaceful and orderly environment.

Dozens of experts from various organizations came to this East African country to review and observe the elections.

They are joined by a monitoring group from the African Union that recently formed a commission to investigate complaints of human rights abuses in the Tigre region.

At a press conference at noon, the head of the Ethiopian National Electoral Board (NEBE), Firdugan Midexa, acknowledged that there was a shortage of ballots in the capital and in the Sidama (center) and the Penishangul-Kumus (northwestern) regions. He promised that NEBE would send new votes using planes from the Ethiopian Air Force.

These elections will be the first election test for 44-year-old Abi Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and head of government, who promised when he came to power in 2018 that he would break with his predecessors and create a democratic renewal in the second most populous country from Africa.

The ruling Prosperity Party (PPP), which begins as a major option in these elections, has been postponed until August 2020 due to the epidemic and wants to reconsider a sufficient majority to allow it to remain in power for another five years.

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However, of the 110,000,000 Ethiopians, only about 37,000,000 are enrolled in the census. Voting in one-fifth of the 547 constituencies has been suspended or postponed until September 6.

There will be no voting in Tigray, and the Tigray Popular Liberation Front (DPLF) will not participate, declaring a terrorist organization and accusing it of massacring civilians, inciting violence and violating human rights.