September 30, 2022

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Ethiopia confirms new shelling of TPLF “arsenals” and “training facilities”

Madrid, 21 Oct. (Europa Press) –

The Ethiopian government on Thursday confirmed a new bombing of the Popular Front for Liberation of Tigris (DPLF) “weapons depots” and “training facilities” in the Miguel region of the Tigre region. In the last days.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement:

Thus, he stressed that he had given the group a “successful blow” in recent days, and that Addis Ababa had inflicted “huge losses” on the TPLF within the framework of the “chosen strategy” by the authorities. TV Network Fana.

The ministry has further accused it of mobilizing child soldiers in Tigris to carry out attacks against various cities in the Afar and Amhara regions. “Amhara and Afar youths are fighting with our army in the ranks of special forces and fighters,” he explained.

“Despite some attempts to overthrow Ethiopia with the help of internal and external forces, we will prevent them from destroying Ethiopia. The tears of our people will dry up. Ethiopia will be forever honored by the sacrifice of its children.” He finished.

In this way, the Ethiopian government communications service has accused the DPLF of killing civilians in the attacks in Afar and Amhara, and, according to the TV station, highlight the efforts of the military and regional militants to confront the group and the army.

The Ethiopian armed forces have carried out a series of bombings in recent days against what is described as DPLF communications and weapons facilities at McClellan. The UN said on Wednesday that three children had been killed in the attacks on Tuesday.

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When Prime Minister Abi Ahmed ordered a military strike in retaliation for the attack on a military base in McClellan in November last year, it finally took place in June due to the months-long postponement of Congress between the DPLF and the central government. And because of the insecurity involved – Abe was a huge success in many areas, including Tigre, facing calls for a lack of votes and boycotts.

However, in June the TPLF made significant progress, allowing McClellan to recover, after which Abi declared a unilateral ceasefire on humanitarian grounds. War for the rest of the country.