September 30, 2022

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EU leaders support continued cooperation with Turkey on immigration and customs

Brussels, June 24 (Europa Press) –

Twenty-seven leaders this Thursday approved Turkey for a positive agenda, along with the modernization of the customs union and the renewal of the immigration agreement, which are key points for resuming relations.

“The Council of Europe reaffirms the EU’s readiness to engage in enhanced cooperation with Turkey, through a gradual, proportionate and reciprocal approach to areas of common interest,” the agreements of state leaders and the Union government in Brussels said.

Twenty-seven wants to divert the link with Ankara, for which they are advancing at the beginning of the technical work for the modernization of the Customs Union. With regard to cooperation on immigration issues, the leaders call on the European Commission to propose a closed plan to continue to fund the reception of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Brussels has already begun the first attempt to propose a 3,000 million commitment to support refugees in Turkey by 2024. In this way, EU support for migration management will be maintained in exchange for Turkish cooperation to control the flow of migrants. Europe.


Although the situation in the eastern Mediterranean has improved in recent months, while the EU’s positive view of Turkey’s approach, leaders continue to be reluctant about the situation in Cyprus and domestic legal issues. Turkey.

Leaders are focusing on resolving the conflict in Cyprus, regretting that contacts in Geneva with UN sponsorship have not helped resume talks.

They dismiss the status of fundamental rights as a “major concern” in bilateral relations. The results point out that “targeting political parties and the press is a setback for human rights and goes against Turkey’s obligation to respect democracy, the rule of law and the rights of women,” and reiterated that the EU will maintain dialogue with Ankara on these issues.

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