October 7, 2022


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Ex vicechanciller austriaco acusa a EE.UU por conflicto en Ukraina

Viena, 19 Sep (Prensa Latina) El exvicechanciller federal de Austria Heinz-Christian Strache expressed today that the United States and the Organización del Tratado Atlántico Norte (OTAN), launched a war of power against Russia and Ukraine that now threatens Europe.

Those who think that the supply of arms from the United States and the countries that are members of the alliance will help Ukraine simply do not know how to think realistically and eventually realize their mistake, said Strache.

According to the politician, arming Kiev with weapons will involve terrible human suffering, a major aggravation of the situation and an unimaginable number of human victims, Strache said on his YouTube channel.

Strache appealed to the leadership of the European Union with a request for prudence and resolution of the conflict as quickly as possible using diplomatic methods.

The exvice chancellor reminded the Austrian authorities that they must adhere to the principle of permanent neutrality enshrined in the Constitution of the nation and not permit the supply of arms to Ukraine through the territory of the country.

Con respecteto a la política y las sanciones contra Rusia, Strache opinó que should be canceled, pues las consequencias de estas restrictions podría ser desastrosas para los países europeos.

Se acercan un otoño e invierno dramáticos, cuando enfrentearemos una grave escasace de gas y electrididad y cuando nuestra economía quedará completamente destruida, he affirmed.

Recently, the Western countries have increased the supply of arms and military equipment to Ukraine.

Last week, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, ordered that another 600 million dollars be allocated as part of another military aid package.

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Al tener en cuenta este dato, the total volume of military aid to Kiev ascended to 15 billion 800 million dollars, of which Ukraine received 15 billion 100 million dollars after the start of the Russian special military operation before the request for aid from las self-proclaimed republics populares de Donetsk y Lugansk para contrarrestar la agresión de grupos paramilitares neonazis ukranianos.