September 30, 2022

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Expelled my. Miami Beach Tower residents have 15 minutes to pick up the essentials

North Miami Beach, Fla. – Fifteen minutes to get what they need. Residents of the Crestview Towers condo on North Miami Beach line up with carts and other items.

Also, with a police guard, they were allowed to go home for a few minutes.

They collected clothes, medicines and important documents.

A week after the building was deemed unsafe – both structurally and electrically – and more 300 people had to leave the place.

“It was unexpected,” a resident said Friday morning. “The day they kicked us out, we didn’t even get a notice.”

On Thursday, the city said the tower was uninhabitable for the future, resolving all issues announced until the condo association filed a new 40-year restoration report.


A recent county survey found significant damage under the pool cover, corrosion on the inside of the ladder and a support column with some cracks.

The Crestview Towers Condominium Association submitted to the city last week a 40-year restoration report of its building following the collapse of the Sampline Towers South on June 24 on the Surface. Crestview is about five miles from the site.

The report submitted by Crestview Towers is dated January and highlights poor surface conditions, concrete chipping and humidity on balconies.

The Condo Board paid an engineer to conduct another inspection of the property over the weekend.

“The city rejected those reports because they did not comply with the restoration process and, more importantly, they did not address the issues raised in the original restoration of the condominiums,” said city manager Arthur Sore III.

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Local 10 is aware that the building has been fined nearly half a million dollars for various code violations, including problems with failing to maintain adequate emergency lighting and firefighting equipment.

The situation could turn into a crime, and an investigation is underway, police chief Richard Rand said Thursday.

Residents want to know when they can return home permanently.

Chori says it ultimately depends on the condo association, who can show when the building is safe.

North Miami Beach Condo should not be closed, the tower is considered unsafe

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