November 28, 2022

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FAO Conference Strategic Framework 2022-2031 – Brenza Latin

From June 14 to 18, the UN. This executive committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will meet for the first time with representatives from its 194 member states.

The discussion on the strategy for the next decade is expected to begin on Tuesday the 15th and be approved at the end of the conference.

The new plan seeks to support the 2030 agenda, ‘by changing the most efficient, all-inclusive, flexible and sustainable agri-food systems for better production and nutrition, better environment and better living’, the FAO details.

Referring to that definition, these ‘Top Four’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular No. 1 (End Poverty), No. 2 (Zero Hunger) and 10 (Reducing Inequalities).

To implement the strategic framework, the system uses what is defined as’ four cross-sectional ‘accelerators’: (I) Technology, (II) Innovation, (III) Data and (IV) Completion (governance, human capital and companies) All your program to accelerate impact and reduce transactions And interventions.

This new initiative highlights the importance of transforming the FAO’s mission paradigm to guarantee a transformative transformation, with an inclusive and dynamic structure, as well as a transparent, open, innovative, responsible, effective and impactful guarantee guarantee.

Director General Q.U. Text highlights from Tongyu’s inaugural text agenda and a presentation on the 15th McDougall Memorial Lecture 2021 Concerning Philanthropist Bill Gates’ Conference, commemorated by FAO in 1958 by Frank Lidget McDougall.

The McDougall Memorandum, written by a renowned Australian economist, is essential in raising international awareness of the issue of food supply to malnourished people.

In 1942 he presented his opinion to Franklin Roosevelt, President of the United States, about an international organization dedicated to solving the world’s problems related to food production and distribution.

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Roosevelt was the first UN Food and Agriculture Organization member to attend the 1943 Hot Springs in Virginia (USA). Convened the conference, from which the FAO emerged. McDougall died in Rome on February 15, 1958, the same year that he established the McDougall Memorial Lecture on the Twenty-Ninth Session of the FAO Council, which called for the lecturer to be a world-renowned figure in food, agriculture, population and food distribution.

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