October 4, 2022


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Fifteen days of national mourning were declared in Haiti after the assassination of Joanel Moss | News

Haiti’s caretaker Prime Minister Claude Joseph declared 15 days of national mourning on Wednesday after the assassination of President Joanel Moss.

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International condemnation of the assassination of Jovnell Moss in Haiti

The move, ordered by Joseph, would raise the national flag halfway, close public spaces such as entertainment and culture, and allow the media to broadcast special events and music for the event.

In the midst of announcing the decree, the caretaker Prime Minister declared a state of siege in the Caribbean, saying, “We have decided to declare a state of siege across the country, following the extraordinary use of Article 149 of the Constitution and the Extraordinary Council of Ministers.”

“We have appealed to intelligence at a difficult time. President Moss is a brave man (…) who called on the people to remain calm,” Joseph said.

During the announcements, Joseph reiterated with acting Prime Minister National Police Director Leon Charles and other cabinet officials that “all measures have been taken to ensure the continuity of the state.”

Haitian President Jovnell Moss was assassinated by gunmen as he entered the presidential palace this morning.

According to the Haitian government, the crime against the president was committed by an armed group that attacked the president’s private residence in Port-au-Prince at one o’clock in the morning and wounded him.

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